Testimonies, the voice of the victims

EPAVT wants to collect the testimonies of the victims of terrorism in Europe, in order to show the courage and the permanent struggle of the victims.

Testimony Pedro Jiménez

Pedro Jiménez was one of the members of the Guardia CIvil that circulated on the bus against which ETA attempted on September 9, 1985 at Plaza República Argentina in Madrid. All the Guardia Civil members were injured, and a US citizen who was doing sports in the place, died days later in the hospital.

Testimony Alfonso Sánchez

Alfonso Sanchez, president of the AVT, was wounded with 19 years in the attack of ETA perpetrated in the Plaza of the Argentine Republic of Madrid on September 9, 1985. The explosion seriously wounded US citizen Eugene Kenneth Brown, who died in the hospital after three days of agony.

Testimony Juan Carlos Sánchez

On March 18, 2015, Juan Carlos Sánchez was locked up in a tiny cleaning room with his wife in the Bardo Museum in Tunisia while the attack by the Islamic State took place.

Testimony Ángeles Pedraza

On March 11, 2004 Madrid was the scene of the worst terrorist attack in the history of Spain: 191 people lost their lives after the explosions that a jihadist group perpetrated in the stations of Atocha, El Pozo del Tio Raimundo, Santa Eugenia and the street Tellez Miryam, 25, was going to work in one of the wagons that became death and horror that March 11. Her brother, who accompanied her every morning, did not get to the train that fateful day because he fell asleep. Ángeles Pedraza, mother o