In 2017 Member states of the Council of Europe have adopted new guidelines regarding improvement of provided support, information and compensation for victims of terrorist attacks. The Council of Europe recommends that the governments of member states disseminate and be guided in their internal legislation and practice appendix to this recommendation.

  1. 1. Authorities must provide victims of terrorist attacks with emergent help and organize avenues for prolonged medical, psychological, social and material support. Authorities in each of the member states must also organize information centers for the victims and ensure that they have access to legal aid and justice system, receiving compensations in adequate manner and in proper time.
  2. 2. Governments need to be able to provide all those measures for the victims without any kind of discrimination and regardless of whether terrorists responsible for the attack were identified, arrested or punished
  3. 3. The guidelines refer to the victims’ right to maintain private and family lives and ensuring societal recognition and remembrance of victim

Council of Europe Guidelines protection of victims of terrorist acts (EN)

Conseil de l'Europe Directrices sur la protection des victimes d'actes terroristes (FR)